So, what's new?

New music videoJun. 29, 2023
“Fantastic Crash, Live at home”:
(Another live performance, original song taken from the “Dreams from the Assembly Line” album).

New music videoJun. 2, 2023
“Surreal Trail of Mayhem, Live at home”: “
(Live performance, original song taken from the “Dreams from the Assembly Line” album).

New album is outFeb. 10, 2023
My new album “Dreams from the Assembly Line” is out!
CD and digital, along with a limited artbook.
Available on Bandcamp, and all the usual shops and streaming services.

New music videoFeb. 3, 2023
New music video “Assembly Line”, taken from the upcoming album (and artbook) “Dreams from the Assembly Line”:
Preorders available on Bandcamp.

Trailer for the upcoming record (+ artbook) Dec. 16, 2022
New record announced: "Dreams from the Assembly Line", release date: February 10, CD/Digital and limited, numbered and signed artbook.
Preorders and infos > Bandcamp.

New artwork Aug. 29, 2022

New artwork Sep. 20, 2021
This one comes with a making-of:

New artwork Apr. 22, 2021

Second videoNov. 2, 2020
Second music video from "the Dollmaker Tales" is out:
Get the limited vinyl edition or the (free) digital version on Bandcamp.

new album & videoOct. 23, 2020
"The Dollmaker Tales" is out!
Get the limited vinyl edition or the (free) digital version on Bandcamp.
First music video "Children Army" also available:

New EP & artworksOct. 9, 2020
So, my new album "The Dollmaker Tales" is coming soon.
In the meantime, here is "Jail Without Bars", a free two tracks EP in collaboration with Ian Urbina, inspired by his book "The Outlaw Ocean".
Stream & download:

Also, new artworks: Bagman 2, and front and back covers from "The Dollmaker Tales".

New record Sep. 4, 2020
New album announced: "The Dollmaker Tales",
– release date: 23rd October, 12" vinyl and digital,
– preorder available at
– check out the video trailer:

New artwork Dec. 10, 2019

New artwork Apr. 12, 2019

Free digital Dec. 17, 2018
So I was thinking about record sales, physical vs digital, and I came to the conclusion that selling digital music is maybe irrelevant today.
Don't get me wrong, I do think that musicians and creators should be paid for their work.
But today, music is more or less available for free in its digital form, everyone IS on all the free streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and the likes (and they redistribute almost nothing to artists by the way), or for example YouTube, where it's extremely easy to download whatever you want, and a lot of other free options that I'm not aware of.
And there are still pirate websites here and there and illegal sharing.

What's the point of offering music for free if it implies annoying advertising, restrictions, etc. knowing that we artists make zero money from this digital thing anyway?
I wish it would be different but heh… Since it's already there, might as well offer the public the best experience possible, right?
So from now on, all my digital releases are free (of course I will still be selling physical CDs).
Feel free to spread the word, like, share my work if you want to support me.
Thanks and cheers!
(Oh and go get my latest album for free on Bandcamp!).

New artwork Nov. 28, 2018
"Book and Feathers".

New record & video Oct. 5, 2018
"Death, Love & Despair" is out! Get your copy (digital and/or CD) on Bandcamp:
Along with this fine new release, the second video "Cycle de Pierre" is here:

New Music video Oct. 5, 2018
First music video taken from "Death, Love & Despair": Party Strangers
Pre-orders (CD and/or digital) are still available here:

New record Aug. 31, 2018
New record announced: "Death, Love & Despair". Check out the trailer here:
Release date is October 26 2018 and pre-orders (CD and/or digital) are available here:

Nothing June 8, 2018
Well, just a little website facelift, with a new "Misc." section with everything not fitting in the other ones, along with various old things.
I'm not painting too much at the moment but I'm about to finish my new record, with some different vibes (sort of, you'll see), probably for this fall.
Also, I'm dropping the RSS Feed, no one is using this anymore, right? (You can always subscribe to the mailing list).

New artwork Nov. 2, 2017

New artwork Mar. 20, 2017

New artwork Dec. 30, 2016
"Untitled 2016".

New video Dec. 5, 2016
"Descente", taken from the Descente album, still available CD and/or digital on Bandcamp.

New artwork Nov. 28, 2016

Descente is out + new video Oct. 28, 2016
You can grab your copy on Bandcamp, CD and/or digital!
Also, the second video "Sculpture" is available here:
And if you are near Paris, I'll be playing tonight for the release party at la Mécanique Ondulatoire. See you there!

Descente release party in Paris Oct. 19, 2016
For the upcoming release of "Descente", I’ll be playing in Paris at La Mécanique Ondulatoire (8 passage Thiéré - 75011 Paris) on October 28th, with Saurien and dDash, more infos: here, and the flyer is there.
See you there!

New video Sep. 23, 2016
"Invasion Végétale" is the first video taken from my upcoming album "Descente". The release date is October 28th, CD & Digital: (presales available).
Enjoy, like, share!

New artworks Sep. 21, 2016
"Fruits", and "Descente Dog": the first artwork from my upcoming record "Descente" (eventually I changed my mind and did something totally different).

New Record Sep 9, 2016
New record revealed: "Descente". Full album, with French lyrics for a change. Release date: October 28th 2016, CD & Digital. Preorders, video, preview, etc… will be available soon.
Here is the video trailer:

New artwork June 21, 2016
(Not much updates lately but I'm working on a new record with new video and the like…).

New artwork Dec. 16, 2015

New artwork Aug. 24, 2015
"First Day of School".

New artwork Jul. 24, 2015
"Skeleton Key".

Third video Jun. 3, 2015
Third video from “Late Statues“:
Full album still available CD & digital on Bandcamp.

Second video Apr. 1, 2015
Second video from “Late Statues“:
Still available CD & digital on Bandcamp.

New record is out! Mar. 16, 2015
"Late Statues" is out! Get your copy on Bandcamp: - CD or/and digital.

New video & preorders Mar. 9, 2015
Here is "New Horn", the first video from the upcoming new album "Late Statues":
Preorders are available at Bandcamp:
Release date: March 16th, this next Monday.

New artwork Feb. 27, 2015

New recordFeb. 16 2015
"Late Statues". CD & Digital, release date: March 16th 2015. More links, infos and videos later. Check the trailer here!

New artworkDec. 12 2014
"Untitled Statue". This was the upcoming new record's artworks (more news about this later). Eventually I changed my mind and did something totally different.

Artwork & quick updateNov. 18 2014
New artwork: "Selfie".
And a quick update, despite the lack of news, I'm working on new stuff. Hopefully more infos soon.

New artworkSJul. 14 2014
"Woodbird" & "A King".

New record Apr. 28 2014
Brand new record: "Remixes", a collection of remixes I did for great electronic artists like Hecq, Cex, Igorrr, dDamage, Subheim, myself and more…
Released as a digipack CD, grab it on Bandcamp.
If you don't care about physical CDs anymore, you can of course buy the digital version (right now on Bandcamp in MP3, FLAC, etc…, and all the usual places in a few days), but you can also buy a 28 x 43 cm "Waiting Room" poster that comes with the immediate digital download, check it on Bandcamp as well.

New artworkNov. 25 2013
"Waiting Room".

New artworkNov. 6 2013
"Big Head".

BandcampOct. 23 2013
I've set up a Bandcamp page: where you will find all my records with download/store links.
(… and "Covers", "Raoul Loves You", "Wxfdswxc2" and a few others are now available in various lossless formats, if it's your thing).

New VideoSept. 25 2013
New video: "The Fine Lines":
Taken from "Welcome to my Orphanage", available in CD: or mp3:

New artworkSept. 12 2013

New VideoSept. 2 2013
New video: "Analog Sh*t (feat. a robot)":
Taken from "Welcome to my Orphanage", available in CD: or mp3:

New artworkJuly 17 2013

new record is out!June 12 2013
My new record "Welcome to my Orphanage" is out!
Get it now in CD format at Good Citizen Factory or in digital format from your favourite digital shop like iTunes, Amazon, etc…
Along with this new album, check out "Ruined Map", the second video from this album:

First videoMay 29 2013
Here is "A Million Years", the first video taken from my upcoming new album "Welcome to my Orphanage" (to be released on June 12th):
(Presales and audio snippets are available here:

Trailer #2May 20 2013
Second trailer for my upcoming record "Welcome to my Orphanage", release date: June 12th on Good Citizen Factory.

New record Apr. 15 2013
My new album is called "Welcome to my Orphanage", the release date is June 12th, and it will be released by Good Citizen Factory, CD and Digital, more infos here. And check out the video trailer there:

New Artwork Feb. 11 2013
"Flesh Paint".

New Artwork Nov. 06 2012
"Pink Flower".

New Artwork Oct. 04 2012

Updates? Oct. 04 2012
Sorry for the lack of updates but stuff are in the oven, music and more to come…

New Artwork May 29 2012

New Artwork Apr. 30 2012

Free record Apr. 2 2012
Here is a free record, it's called "Covers" and, as the title states, it's a selection of the best covers I've done this past year. You can check the tracklist and infos on the music page or download it right now from here:
Enjoy and share it as much you want!

New Artwork Mar. 12 2012
"W Angel".

Nolife Indies Mar. 12 2012
Check out this video trailer announcing my next gig in Paris, with dDamage and 2080.

??? Mar. 12 2012
I will release a free surprise this April, stay tuned.

New Artwork Dec. 16 2011
"Dead End".

Happy holidays Dec. 16 2011
We're still in 2011 but "We Fly" EP is already selected as best EP for 2011 by Popmatters and "Guilty Cloaks" is #47 best 2011 album at Rock-a-Rolla.
Happy new year!

New cover song Nov. 20 2011
I covered the song "The Bay", by Metronomy, here on Soundcloud.

New Gigs Oct. 17 2011
November 9, La Mangouste présente "Release the Mangouste" at L'International, Paris, France, with DLC, Dragongaz and DJ Lampadaire, and it's FREE.
November 25, 16tons club, Moscow, Russia, with Emika (Ninja Tunes).
November 26, Electro-Mechanica, St Petersbourg, Russia, with Emika, Shigeto, Oneohtrix Point Never, Maga Bo, Mimetic & Younnat, Toktek (and more to be confirmed).

Artwork Sept. 23 2011
The Crab Girl.

"Summer Days" video May 09 2011
Available in hires on Youtube, enjoy…

New video Aug. 22 2011
The new video from "Guilty Cloaks" will be released on September 5th.
In the meantime, check this little trailer on Youtube.

News archives
(please note that a lot of outdated links are broken).

Guilty Cloaks is out July 20 2011
Guilty Cloaks is out, get this on CD or Digital.
Check out the first video: "She is a Lord".

Artwork July 20 2011
"Entre deux", another skull.

Guilty Cloaks July 2 2011
My new album "Guilty Cloaks" is coming out July 20 (CD Digipack and digital) on Ad Noiseam, click for more infos, audio snipets, etc.
Check out this EPK (Electronic Promo Kit) video, with english subtitles on Youtube.
And last but not least, pre-orders are available here for CD and here for digital.

Artworks July 2 2011
Front and back cover from my upcoming album "Guilty Cloaks".

The Melting Man is out May 23 2011
Get it from your favorite MP3 store (Bleep, iTunes, Boomkat, Beatport, etc). You can listen to the full ep on Tigerbeat6's Soundcloud account here.

The Melting Man EP May 1 2011
My next EP, the Melting Man, will be released by Tigerbeat6, on May 23rd. It's a 4 tracks digital release, check the trailer here.
Also I will play at the Ad Noiseam's 10th anniversaries, May 14 in Lüzern and June 1 in Paris.

Artworks May 1 2011
New stuff: The Melting Man Ep cover and "Sunday Nap".

Cymbal Rush/ST&BN is out Jan. 29 2011
Available in vinyl (Ad Noiseam, Norman Records, etc.) and digital (iTunes, Amazon, Juno, etc.), in your favorire streaming website, etc… Enjoy.

Interview Jan. 29 2011
A long interview in english and french about the last record, life, art and stuff. Thanks to Chroniques Automatiques.

Artwork Jan. 29 2011
A cool audiobot I did for Di'fekt.

New video Jan. 17 2011
The new video "Strange Teeth & Black Nails" is online!
Taken from the "Cymbal Rush/Strange Teeth & Black Nails" EP, to be released in two weeks.

Cex Remix Jan. 10 2011
Cex, Megamuse EP, with remixes by Raoul Sinier, Baconhead, Fulgeance, Scrubberfox and Kingbastard. Release date: Jan 25, 2011 on Tigerbeat6. More infos here.

New Video soon Jan. 10 2011
The "Strange Teeth & Black Nails" video will be posted next week.

Cymbal Rush Dec. 07 2010
The def release date for the Cymbal Rush/Strange Teeth & Black Nails (vinyl and digital) is January 29 2011. Sorry again for this huge delay (and the video will be posted earlier on Youtube).

T-Shirts Dec. 07 2010
A lot of t-shirs are available at, enjoy.

Artworks Nov. 15 2010
New images: some holes and "Melt".

Remix Nov. 15 2010
Check out this brand new remix for Subheim's track "Between Fear and Love" (on Soundcloud). Available on the Maschinenfest 2010 double compilation.

Update? Nov. 15 2010
The release date from Cymbal Rush/Strange Teeth & Black Nails EP (with a new video) will be announced soon. Again, very sorry for the delay.

Cymbal Rush Sept. 06 2010
The Cymbal Rush EP (now entitled "Cymbal Rush/Strange Teeth & Black Nails") will be delayed a bit, more news on this later this month.

New youtube channel Sept. 06 2010
I uploaded all my previous videos in better quality and/or in full HD on my brand new Youtube channel, if you got a Youtube account, please subscribe again to this new one or add me as a friend (I will post my new stuff on this channel as for now), and of course the new video will be posted there in HD.

SoundCloud Sept. 06 2010
I also opened a SoundCloud account:, where you can listen to a selected discography and a selection of unreleased stuff, remixes and cover (and free to download).

New record July 07 2010
New record announced: Cymbal Rush EP, check out the video trailer and infos here, or go to the music section, release date: September 2010 on Oeuvre Records. The front cover is in the artwork section.

June 14
• My new record will be released this late summer, it will be a 12" EP, released by Oeuvre Records. Stay tuned for tracklist, infos and artwork.

May 24
• New artworks, "3 nombrilistes".

April 3
New artworks.
• New remix "Ants War (Ants Mayhem Remix)" on the Elektroanschlag 6 compilation.

January 18
• "Les aveugles" is out. Get your copy via (PayPal, check, etc…). It will be available later at a few indie stores here and there.
• A new free mix: Goûte Mes Mix #2, stream or download, with a bunch of unreleased stuff.

January 14
• So, for all my french/parisian folks: tonight is our release party for "Les aveugles" at the Café de Paris, 158 rue Oberkampf - Paris 11e, France.
And, good news, dDash (1/2 dDamage) will not do a DjSet like planned: he will do an electronic solo gig instead!
See you there!

January 8
• The second trailer for the release of "Les aveugles" (January 14) is here.

January 4
• All the infos about the release of our graphic novel "Les aveugles" are online at, along with a revamped website, and a video trailer.
The release date is January 14, with a release party at the Café de Paris, 158 rue Oberkampf - Paris 11e, France.
(And sorry, it's in French only).

December 29
• A bunch of new stuff from 2009 in the artwork page.
• I got a new track on Tympanik Audio's "Emerging Organisms 3" double CD compilation, official page here.
Our graphic novel "Les Aveugles" will be released on January 14, 2010 by Éditions Fée. More news, trailer and official announcement this next monday, stay tuned!

December 7
• Second video from the Tremens Industry CD+DVD: Alternative Rush.
• Next gig in Paris: "Présélection Découverte printemps de Bourges 2010" @ Nouveau Casino, it's free, grab your ticket at any Fnac.

Novermber 9
• The POKE 24 compilation is out: "C64 Orchestra Remix Galore". Available as a free release or as a deluxe poster/CD package, infos and links here.
Our graphic novel is finally coming out, more consistent news soon.
For the parisian people, new gigs: first the "Let's Kiss and Make Up" party, this weekend (November 14), full lineup here, and tickets here.
And in December 17, I will perform for the "Présélection Découverte Printemps de Bourges" at Le Nouveau Casino, and it's FREE (but you'll still have to grab some tickets, more info on this later).

October 15
Tremens Industry is out!
Grab your copy (CD+DVD or digital) at Ad Noiseam (or from various other stores but I highly recommend the Ad Noiseam webstore for many reasons).
The first music video, self titled "Tremens Industry", is out as well, you can watch it here or on Youtube.

October 1
• The second trailer for my upcoming album "Tremens Industry" is online.
The release date is October 15, presales are available on the Ad Noiseam store in CD+DVD or Mp3 formats (with a rebate).
Along with the record, we will also release the self titled music video "Tremens Industry" on october 15.

September 4
• The trailer for my upcoming album "Tremens Industry" is online.
Tremens Industry (CD+DVD Digipack) will be released in october 2009 by Ad Noiseam.

August, 31
• New artwork: Root Suit.

July, 27
• New artwork: Crane & Robot.

June, 25
• New artwork: the Minotaure.
• "Alternative Rush", ahe track from my upcoming album (coming this fall) is featured the new Darla double compilation.
• For the Facebook addicts, you can now reach me here.

May, 11
• The "Let's Kiss and Make Up" compilation is out, digital for now, CD later. Available on iTunes and all the usual places. Full tracklist and infos at Tsunami-Addiction.
• I did a remix for Hecq's new double CD "Steeltongued" (Hymen Records).

April, 11
• My new video "Transfixed Night" is out, watch it on Dailymotion, Youtube, etc... or right here, and yes, it's a bit different from my usual stuff. The compilation release date is May, 1. More infos here.
• For those who cares, I'm now on FaceBook, my artistic page and me.

April, 2
The new double compilation from Tsunami-Addiction "Let's Kiss & Make Up" is announced, check the impressive tracklist here.
Along with my track (a duet with Sylvie Frétet), I did a music video. We will put it online in a couple of weeks.
I did a new (double) remix for Bleubird, available for free in "Street Talk 5".
Download it here.

• I realised this video for my monkey friends: 100%Hate teaser.
• And... more news and infos about my 4rth album (CD+DVD) soon.

February, 12
• New image from the exhibition: Greenman.

January, 9
• From January 21 to February 21: Raoul Sinier, "peintures numériques", solo exhibition at the Estace gallery in Paris, France (74 rue Charlot - 75003 Paris). The opening party is on January 22, flyer here.

November, 14
Ad Noiseam got a totally new and redone website. Now with a forum, live dates, and a brand new online store. And now, for the first time you can purchase online all the Ad Noiseam records in digital format (including my records Ultrafood, Huge Samurai Radish and Brain Kitchen).

October, 7
• Digital re-issue of my second album "Wxfdswxc2", under my full name and with 6 bonus tracks from that time period, so please welcome "Raoul Sinier - Wxfdswxc2 Extended".
Digital only, so grab it at iTunes, Juno, Virgin, etc... (Bleep and Beatport/Beatsource to follow).

September, 11
• New artworks: "the Bird" and a bunch of limbs and guts for the Teknoist's upcoming new album named " a hurricane made of zombies", out soon on Ad Noiseam.

August, 1
• Artwork for the "Eleven Videos" limited DVD, edited by Toolbox Records, more infos here.
• New video: Listen Close (rehearsal), I did this one to try out my new digital camera and some new post-production ideas and techniques. Check it here.

July, 15
• I got 8 pages in the PencilBreak Book, 200 pages of breakcore inspired graphics from all arround the world. Check it here (official release date: July 20th).
•  New portrait: the Hole.

July, 10
Raoul Sinier's special DJ set on the Math + Science Show, 89.1 FM New York and, 10:30 PM tonight (July, 10), but you'll be able to download it later via's archives.

June, 28
• From July 5 to September 12, exhibition at the Toolbox shop in Paris, France. A very limited digipack DVD will be sold for the occasion. Opening July 5 at 5pm, see you there.
Toolbox - 30 rue St Ambroise, 75011 Paris.

June, 3
• Another painting video: Speedpainting4, check it on Dailymotion or Youtube.

May, 23
• This weekend: the Cinemabrut Festival, near Cannes (France). With a huge selection of independant short movies, films, documentaries and more. As the last year Animabrut award winner, I got the honor to be featured in a special focus after the ceremony.

May, 11
• I produced a song on Bleubird's new EP: "Street Talk 2". Grab it at (and it's free!).

April 26
• Digital re-issue of my debut album "Raoul Loves You", this time under my full name, and with 6 bonus tracks from that time period, so please welcome "Raoul Sinier - Ra Loves You Extended".
Digital only, so grab it at iTunes, Juno, Virgin, etc... (Bleep and Beatport/Beatsource to follow).
Thanks to the fine new digital label TEAMS (and "Wxfdswxc2 Extended" will follow in a few weeks, with the same amount of bonus tracks).

April 9
• Brain Kitchen is out! Get your copy at Ad Noiseam or at various nice places.
• Also, this record comes with a free PDF magazine, featuring 24 pages of texts and images from fellow artists, inspired by the record and its little universe. Download it here.

April 3
• The Wonderful Bastard video (along with other cool films) will be broadcasted at the Séance Dailymotion. It's Saturday 5 at the Cinéma des Cinéastes, Paris 18, France.
• Same video, different place: Befilm’s Viral Film Festival 2008, in New York. From april 28th to May 3, 1350 Avenue of The Americas (at the corner of 55th St & 6 Ave).

March, 23
• Official release date for Brain Kitchen: April 9th (this one will come with a surprise, stay tuned).
• New remix: Leon Somov feat. Jazzu - Crosses (Raoul Sinier Remix), available at Sutemos records, and this is a free release.
• My contribution to the Donuts Party exhibition is in the artwork section.

March, 17
• The Brain Kitchen video is online!
The album will be available in a few weeks, you still can preorder at Ad Noiseam.

March, 7
• Brain Kitchen, my third album, will be released in april on Ad Noiseam. Check out the video trailer, full video to come soon.
Preorders are available right now at Ad Noiseam.
• Front cover in the artwork section.

February, 21
• The exclusives videos from the Wxfdswxc2 DVD are online (at last). Head to the video section to see "Wonderful Bastard", "Let the Wxfdswxc Hit'Em", "SkinFest", "Breeders Club" and, of course, many more.
• My two previous albums (more or less sold out) are about to be re-released in digital format... With a new "extended" tracklist, more details on this soon.

January, 27
• Happy new year!
Brain Kitchen, my 3rd full album is slightly delayed to mid april (more on this, details, video, etc... in a few weeks).
I'm in the "Donut Party" exhibition's second edition in Paris, grand opening the 31 of january at Artoyz (check the flyer).
• The Huge Samurai Radish video is nominated at the french Festival du Clip in the "Jeunes Talent" category.
• And... a new image in the artwork section.


December, 23
"Electronic Explorations week6: Herd & Raoul Sinier", a two hours podcast radio show with a few tracks from my new record.
• Huge Samurai Radish is the video of the week at XLR8R.

December, 17
Huge Samurai Radish is out!
You can get a copy right now at Ad Noiseam or later at your usual local store.

December, 7
• The Huge Samurai Radish video is here!
(and also on Youtube, Dailymotion, etc).
Head to Ad Noiseam to PRE ORDER the record (at the very bottom of the page).

November, 30
• The release date for "Huge Samurai Radish" is december 17th, and
• The video will be posted next week, friday 7.

November, 21
Endless Cover Compilation: "ECC comes from a simple idea: let's do a web compilation of cover songs by musicians around the world. No rules, no money, no restriction. Just covers of songs those musicians like".
I got a track there, Gantz Graf cover, check it as well as many other greats songs (everything is ready to listen and to download).

November, 13
• Next record announced: Huge Samurai Radish, 12 new tracks including remixes and collaborations with Lynx and Ram, Datach'i, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), Wisp and La Caution. Out on Ad Noiseam in december. This one comes along with a new video, unveiled in a few weeks, In the meatime, check this trailer.
• Speaking of records, the Two Heads mini CD is out, you can get it from various webshops like Norman Records, this one is really limited, grab it while it's still available.
• Last but not least, the 3rd full album will be released on Ad Noiseam later this winter.

October, 10
• Since I'm dropping my alias "Ra", the website had a little facelift, and you can update your bookmarks with (although the old address still redirects here).
• My first release as Raoul Sinier: "Two Heads" is about to hit the stores, in a week or so you will found it at our usual places (more news on this later, of course).

September, 28
• New EP announced: Two Heads EP on Disco_r.Dance. Check out the trailer on the video section or on Youtube. Out in early october, tracklist posted on the music section. Artwork cover also posted to the artwork section.
• Another ape in the artwork section, a portrait of the musician Stab, him and Apewok (also drew by me as a monkey a few years ago) are the band Berry Weight.

August, 21
• New artwork: a casual robot.
• Check out for some limited prints on canvas, including my "Ev.Panic Steak" artwork.
• I did an english (somehow) interview at Subba Cultcha

August, 1
• I made myself a new guitar, check it in the artwork section, along with a video showing how we did it.

July, 13
• New artwork: Elephant.
• On the musical side, Sublight Records is closing down the label.
So what's next for me? From now on, Ad Noiseam will be my new home.
New records and videos are in the making, stay tuned for more news soon.

June, 29
• The Ev.Panic Redone CDs and Picture Discs are now arriving to the usuals stores and webstores (like Ad Noiseam, Boomkat, Norman, Juno, iTunes, Bleep, etc). To celebrate this, here is Ev.Panic, the game!
• The gigs in Germany were greats, check a few videos on the gigography page.
• And... I can't resist, check this picture.

June, 12
• As you probably noticed, the Ev.Panic EP record on Planet Mu is slightly delayed due to a problem at the plant. It should be available soon, stay tuned...

June, 2
• I won the best "Animabrut" price for the Ev.Panic video in the Cinemabrut festival in Cannes. Check the full selection and videos on Cinemabrut's website.
• Since I bought my first camcorder I recorded a few bit of Bleubird's awesome gig in Nancy (with Battles and Myself). Check it you Youtube or Dailymotion.
• I also did a little video about my incredible new band, check it on Youtube or Myspace

May, 14
Ev.Panic Redone (featuing, dDamage, Venetian Snares and µ-Ziq) is out on Planet-Mu.
• "Deck", a new artwork posted.

April, 25
Speedpainting1, 2 & 3 are online, both still images and videos.

April, 10
Ev.Panic Redone Trailer.

April, 2
• The UltraFood Split 12" EP is out, grab it at your local store or at Ad Noiseam.
• The Ev.Panic Redone EP on Planet Mu got a release date: 14 may 2007.

March, 20
• The webstore is open! You will find here a stickers collection, a few stock of "Raoul Loves You" CD and infos about buying hi quality reproductions of my artworks.
• Artworks from the MadEP vs Ra 12" (out in a few days on Ad Noiseam) in the artworks section (and you can check a track from this one on my MySpace Music page).

February, 28
• A few pics from my gig/exhibition/projection at La Chocolaterie (where I'm playing in a bear cage!) are online at the music/gigography section.
• Some new videos online: the Ultrafood trailer (for the split 12" with MadEp, out the 2nd of april on Ad Noiseam) and also a video called "Speedpainting" where you can see me painting live. All this in the video section.
• You can now buy Wxfdswxc2 in digital format at various places, including Bleep.

February, 8
• Next event announced: February 24, Exhibition + Gig + Video projection at La Chocolaterie, Brussels - Belgium. Check the flyer here.
Sublight Records' new marchandising available, including a Wxfdswxc2 t-shirt.

January, 30
Wxfdswxc2 CD+DVD is out! Grab it from Sublight or at your local stores, webstores, etc. Digital distribution in a few weeks.
• 2 Wxfdswxc2 rewiews (french) added to the music/press section.
• A link to a new portfolios website: with some of my "pro" vector graphic works.
• I'm playing next weekend with Labtop at Rennes, France, check the flyer here.

January, 17
• New gig: Labtop Session vs. Ra - Rennes, france.
• New artwork with blood.

January, 5
• Happy new year! - A new artwork added.


December, 15
Pre-order Ra's new album "Wxfdswxc2" with limited Bonus DVD now for $19.00 with free shipping included worldwide from our online store @
• New artworks added.

December, 6
• The Ev.Panic Redone EP is finally announced on Planet Mu. It will be released in spring 2007, and will features remixes from Venetian Snares, µ-Ziq and dDamage, in both CD and 12" limited Picture Disc, check the full tracklist in the music section and audio samples at the Planet Mu discog.
• New gig posted: december 21, the Planet Mu Christmas at the Nouveau Casino in Paris with Chevron, Shitmat and dDash & rudDe.

November, 17
• The double compilation is out! Featuring my Petit Gilet (Remix). Check out the website for full tracklist.
I also did one of the 5 artworks for this release, check it in the artwork section.

October, 14
• The Wxfdswxc2 DVD trailer is online, check it here (in better quality) or at MySpace or Youtube.

October, 1
• A few pics from my exhibition at "le Bazar" + a new T-Shirt in the artwork section
• dDamage artwork for their upcomming new album "Shimmy Shimmy Blade"

September, 6
• From sept. 30 to nov. 4: Exhibition at la Condition Publique (Roubaix, France). Opening party sept. 29.
• New Uncollected flyer in the artwork section.

August, 19
• New artwork: the job interview

July, 23
• I totally redone the Sublight records website.

May, 22
New dDamage video: Ink808 (from the Ink808 EP on Tigerbeat6).

May, 12
• New artwork: the little naked worm.

May, 26
• went down for a few days, as well as the email server.
If you tryed to reach me those past days, please write me again. Hopefully everything is fixed now.

April, 18
• I'm featured in the Grahics Alive book. Check it at

April, 08
• Monday March 27th, Jay, head of Coredump Records, passed away. He was 30.
Apart from the fact that he was the founder of Coredump, he was a true friend. We had a lot of projects together and the saddest thing is that we never had the chance to meet in person.
On my side, I'm tore apart from the sadness and this good news: I found a new home for my future records: Sublight Records.
RA "Wxfdswxc2" CD + LIMITED BONUS DVD, out January 2007 on Sublight Records.
Read the full press release and preview 9 selected MP3 clips of Ra "Wxfdswxc2" now on Sublight,s media page.

March, 31
I very sad to announce that Jay Jedlicka passed away this monday morning.
Jay was the head of Coredump Records but more than that he was a passionated guy and, even if we didn't had the chance to met in person, a true friend.
Condolences to his wife Amanda and their family and friends.

March, 14
• Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with various stuff.
• I set up a MyspaceMusic page.
• Nevertheless, I added a totally ridiculous drawing in the artwork section.

January, 3
Detect's "Photomaton" compilation is out (including exclusive tracks from me and Mr Oizo, dDamage, Modeselector, La Caution, Jackson... the tracklist is f@#king incredible), grab it at C_Labotory, Arcademode, etc.


November, 24
• New stuff in the artwork section, including the Cannibal Ox' new album artwork.
• Check the website I've done for my friends (and don't annoy the bug).
• The éditions Fée website is finally open and running.

November, 3
• Thanks to, I can now offer large sized limited prints on canvas, check this page for more info (and I'm the artist of the month, too).

October, 26
• The Coredump catalog (including my first CD) is available for you french people at

October, 2
• A new monkey in the artwork section.
• I did the design of this brand new music webshop:
Go there and you will find all kind of electronica, weird and unclassified records (including, in a few days, my first CD as well as the other Coredump Records releases).
• The music section is totally redone.
• 2 new wallpapers

September, 9
• New stuff in the artwork section again.

August, 3
• New stuff in the artwork section.
• New gigs announced.
• Pics from the latest gig posted.

July, 4
• New stuff in the artwork section again, including pics from the Customize Me exhibition.

May, 25
• New stuff in the artwork section.
• My music is now widely available via the Apple iTunes music store.
• The Hipothetik Disaster compilation is out.

April, 30
• Some new stuff in the artwork section.
• A new interview online at Awake Studio online mag #3 (only in french).
• A quicklist of digital distribution added to the music section.

March, 26
• The Ev.panic T-shirts and lady's tanks are out. Available at the Coredump Records store.

February, 28
• Pics from the Re_Construction gig are online.

February, 17
PORKS! A new iconset is online in the goodies+ section.

January, 25
• Some new stuff in the artwork section.
• Next gig announced, complete line-up and infos in the music section.


December, 30
• I got some pages on WAD magazine, issue #23.
• Some new stuff in the artwork section.

September, 28
New stuff in the illustration section.
Check out the “Ra-Injection” audio mix I did for

September, 1
My debut album "Raoul loves you" is out, more info in the music section.

October, 16
New little doggie in the illustration section.
The Coredump records website is now taking preorders for my CD album, official release date is 09/01
• All pre orders will come with a limited "Raoul loves you" sticker designed by me as well as other selected items from Coredump.

October, 4
The Ev.panic video from my upcomming debut album is online (quicktime required).
more infos on the
Coredump Records website.
New illustrations.

July, 23
Check this article in Creativity magazine, july issue.

July, 12
New illustrations and some screenshots from my upcoming video "Ev.panic" (taken from my debut album out in september on coredump records).
• New site animation intro (Ev.Panic, too).

June, 11
My debut album is annonced at Coredump Records.

May, 13
• New illustrations, including the one I did for Wired magazine and the Qee I designed for the french Toyzworld exibition.
• A new track online, from my live gig at le Batofar, in Paris.

April, 18
New illustrations.
Finally some new desktop pictures.

March, 19
New illustrations.
Some little changes in the music section.

February, 22
I did another mix, the Funky Worm mix.
New illustrations.

February, 15
• Minor site update (gigography and pics from the Batofar concert added in the music section).

January, 20
The music video Pressure (dDamage) is online. You can also see it on the website.
I'm working on my next gig, planned for feb the 12rd at the Batofar, in Paris.

Happy new year.


December, 16
• A little website facelift. "Goodies+" now contains the former icons, desktops, games and miscellaneous sections.
• A new image in the illustration artwork section.
• A new "Raoul loves you" wallpaper in the goodies+ > wallpapers section.

November, 29
• The Hijack gig was cool as hell (a few pics in the music/gigography section).
• Some new things in the illustration section.
• Check out this crossover interview of dDamage and me (in french only).

November, 27
Illustration section: Bigg Jus & Orko Elohiem flyer, some stuff from the comic.
• A bunch of online shops added to the music section.

November, 18
New illustrations, including some pics from the Modernista! website and a little teaser.

October, 28
Olivier Stéphant used his artistic initiative to create a full legnth music video of my song "petit gilet"!!!
Grab it here (alt/right click to download, very small version, Divx encoded).
New illustration: dDamage cereals... Mmmh!

October, 26
New illustrations: dDamage artwork and Uncollected flyer.

September, 28
Pics from the Boyz Revenge Show.

September, 28
I'm featured in the Worldwide Designers 2007 book.

September, 26
The Boyz Revenge Show animation is in the illustration section.

September, 25
• The show was awesome!

September, 23
Tomorrow is the Boyz Revenge Show... Here is a teaser.

September, 23
New images from my comic again.

August, 11
A new song online: Human Sawtool Reprise.
New images from my comic.

July, 15
the [Boyz Revenge] compilation is out!!! Check out the tsunami-Addiction website or buy directly here.
A new song online: Human Sawtool.
New images, artwork for the TTC/dDamage ep "Trop Singe" (Clapping Music),
and an illustration for the magazine Famous #6.

June, 16
A new song online: Hérisson Albinos Rules.
New versions (slightly better masters) or "ADX rebirth", "Hightech/Sex", "Mal" and "Petit Gilet".
New images from my comic.

May, 20
• I'm featured on the Disign is Kinky's "semi-permanent" book.

May, 11
• I'm interviewed at Shift japan (direct link).

May, 7
• New splashscreen.

May, 5
• I'm featured on the "Boyz' Revenge" compilation, to be released in june by Tsunami Addiction, Check out this incredible tracklist.
New illustration.

April, 3
New illustrations.

March, 23
• I finally decided to remove all the background music because it's a real pain for slow connections and also most of those tracks are really outdated. The good news is: you can download the whole website soundtrack from the music section in MP3 format, as well as some other old songs.
• A word about the lack of updates: I'm working on a comic right now so beside this I don't have anything new to post.
I'm starting page 32 of the comic now (out of 100 or so; not sure how many yet).
I will post some extracts from time to time, starting from now.

February, 21
A new song online: the dentist.

February, 14
Another RipOff

February, 4
• I did the cover art for the brand new remastered "Black Wax revisited" DVD, a film about the poet/musician/writer Gill Scott Heron. Check it at Snapper music. reopenning.

• Happy New Year!!!
I'm featured in the french hiphop compilation "Désarticulé".
You can check it and/or buy it at


December, 8
A new song online: meat.
2 new illustrations.

November, 6
• The french comix "Street Life Stories" #3 is out.

October, 4
New website face-lift and 2 new illustrations.

October, 2
some new illustrations.

August, 26
Check out my issue.
2 new iconsets.

August, 1
1 new illustration.
New track online: "petit gilet".

July, 9
3 new illustrations.

July, 2
New track online: "leak".
I'm featured in Design Is Kinky's Focus nº7.

June, 26
• Tacteel and I are interviewed in the french magazine Clark nº5.
New track online: insect/defeat.

June, 09
• Revamped [my sound] section (now with mp3).
• Check out the brand new french comix magazine "Street Life Stories".

June, 2
Check me out in the second issue of NowGoCreate which just came out (featuring me).
2 new desktops.

May, 6
• The Shop is online !
New iconset: This Little Guy 1 + 2.

January, 2
• 3 new illustrations.
The Iconverge 3 iconset is out.
Tacteel got his own website (go there to listen to all the tracks).


December, 19
• 4 new desktops.

December, 10
2 new pics.I created the cover art for Tacteel's first record, go to for more info.
You can also purchase it online at (please note the record is not mine, I only produced the cover art).

November, 14
5 new pics. Check out the annual IconVerge.

October, 16
Brand new splash. New game (hosted at GuiGalaxy). New audion face. 4 new pics.Finally, the TSHIRTS are here !!! (click on the image for a larger review).You can order one at the GuiGalaxy website or directly at our online store.

September, 29
New iconset: My scratchbook copy-paste 2, one new pics, the mailing list.

August, 12
Just one new pic, but it's a real badboy !!.

July, 12
2 desktops added.

July, 8
• I'm a bit busy to do some great updates, but here are some new illustrations.

June, 19
1 new nice pic

June, 6
2 new pics
• Some site improvements (design & code) and a button titled KillSound. This will silence the sound on each page temporarily
You may reactivate the sound by refreshing your browser or navigating through the site.

June, 1
New desktops.

May, 31
GUI Galaxy grand re-openning (check our new T-shirts section !).

May, 14
While I'm doing my abstract-dark-beatz, my brother jon smith is making popmusic, go figure…

May, 13
• I have now archived previous splash screens and they are available

May, 7
Another freak

May, 6
• Some fixes and some new background-musics

May, 5
• I am now

April, 17
It's a bird ? a plane ? no ! it's Superman !!! oh no, wait, it's just Averageman...

April, 6
A new pic

• For you french people, I'm featured on the magazine Computer Arts.

March, 24
Enter the indefinable !

March, 3
New desktops including this little guy.
• Little facelift.
• New iconset: This little guy.

February, 15
New section: Desktops. You can reach it with the right menu or by clicking here.
If you want to know all about me, go to the GUI Galaxy site.

February, 14
• The flash interface stays online but it's completly outdated.

February, 7
Some new illustrations online, including Diabolus from

February, 2
• The little window right over is now a slide-show.

January, 17
• Alien Anatomy iconset: 8 more icons.

January, 15
Iconverge2 is out, check on the website

January, 9
• AbstractMusicMaker updated.

January, 8
Here is a DTP made by Powdah and me (GUI galaxy).

January, 1
• New image in the index (ho yeah, and happy new year).


December, 9
So, here is a drawing of my favorite singer of all time.

December, 6
• I saw Gil Scott-Heron live, of course It was amazing December, 2
• New iconset: Alien Anatomy, erk... Nevember, 29
• New flashgame online: THE CLAQUE-BEIGNET. November, 21
Visit the [gui] Galaxy. November, 13
• 2nd sound page, with new interface and new songs. November, 10
• The graphic interface is partially new. Older news lost...