Today, it's raining sandwiches. It's like that. You are James and you like sandwiches. Try to eat a lot of sandwiches.

The controls

You control James. Press "1" to walk left and "3" to walk right.
Press "4" to dash left and "6" to dash right.

Press "5" or "space" to unleash your power-move (more explanation below).


The Awake-meter and Power-meter

The yellow bar is the Awake-meter, the little red one is the Power-meter.
Every time you dash, the "awake meter" will decrease. If the awake meter reach zero, James will fall asleep for a short time.
Each time you eat a sandwich, your awake-meter and your power-meter will increase.
When the Power-meter is full, you can use your power-move by pressing "5" or "space" (more explanation about power-move below).

(Awake/Power meter)

The system

Try to catch the sandwiches, if a sandwich hit the floor, you loose a life.

When you loose all your 5 lifes, the game is over.



It gives a base of 100 points. A bonus is awarded as the game speed increase. Speeder is the game, higher is the bonus!



Each time you eat, the game speed will increase. You can slow down the game by eating Stars. (Stars will also increase your Awake-meter). Eating Stars will also decrease your Power-meter (It's a question of choice: slower game or power). Stars gives no points.


Bad sandwich

If you eat a bad sandwich, James will throw up. Your awake-meter and your Power-meter will be halved and James will be sick for a short time. Bad sandwich gives no points.

(bad sandwich)

The Power-Move

When the Power-meter is full, a sign will appear. Now you can press "5" or "space". The Power-Move will slow down the game, slaughter, and gives you a bonus point of half your total score... It will also halve your Awake-meter.

(Power-move sign)

So, basically, you can choose to play a peacefull game by catching all the stars you see, or choose to play a high-scoring game by trying to unleash your power again and again.